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Get in touch with The Signal Guy and get your mobile phone coverage and data speeds to new levels! We’ve come up against some of the toughest blackspots around and we always find a way to deliver a solution that leaves are clients amazed at something they didn’t think was possible.

As the director of The Signal Guy, I know first hand how bad the problems, complications and down right frustrations are that result from having poor reception. Growing up the family home was in what’s often called a “Blackspot”. Phone calls were always breaking up and it was hard to understand people at the other end of the line, friends were always asking why was my phone turned off… As mobile phones developed, things like picture messages and videos became impossible to send or receive whilst at home. I would literally get 800 meters up the road and my phone would start ‘unloading’ all the messages and calls that were unavailable to be received at home. It was an endless source of frustration. After learning the ‘ins and outs’ of cellular signals and countless research into the latest technology, our team at The Signal Guy can now say that we offer a system which eliminates this issue. Systems can be designed and built to suit each and every style of home or business. Once installed and commissioned, the results speak for themselves. You’ll wish you found us sooner! Don’t put up with ‘below par’ reception anymore. Get in touch with our team today. Ben